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Black Shamrock is looking for a Build Engineer to support an exceptional lineup of AAA game projects. The Build Engineer will ensure the smooth operation of software services, perform key data operations within our build pipelines and source control systems, and troubleshoot our project development environment through working closely with IT.

What you will be doing:

  • Support production tools and pipelines to users within the studio and its projects.
  • Responsible for the consistency of data and versions as well as ensuring the successful delivery of game builds to the various teams requiring them.
  • Configure, maintain, and provide account / administrative support for our source control systems (Perforce).
  • Follow best practices for source control and help support branch management and integration requests.
  • Monitor build system for failures and flag these to development teams.
  • Develop an understanding of multiple build system technologies.
  • Predict and resolve future issues (e.g. capacity constraints, maintenance intervals, and more).
  • Propose, develop, and deploy improvements to our production processes, such as scripting, automation tools, testing, CI/CD, and more.
  • Provide up-to-date documentation on workflow methods and pipeline systems.
  • Collaborate with partner studios to share technology and best practices.

What you should have:

  • Experience and understanding of IT Systems.
  • Familiar with a programming language (C#, C++, Java, or other).
  • Experience with automated build systems and continuous integration.
  • Experience of working in games development, preferably with at least one published title.
  • Knowledge of a source control systems (Perforce is especially beneficial).
  • An aptitude for scripting or knowledge of at least one scripting language.
  • Technical competency to understand the intricacies of pipelines and production tools, and the ability to identify bottlenecks or other avenues for improvement.
  • Familiar with working in highly secure environments, making sure projects comply to strict security standards.

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