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St Patrick's Tower stands against the blue sky above The Digital Hub campus in Dublin.

Ideally located in Dublin City Centre, our campus offers all the features and infrastructure you’d expect in an open and collaborative environment. Every corner is a meeting spot, a chance to learn, and an opportunity to share knowledge and experience.

Our unique buildings are designed to encourage a collaborative community and sharing a physical space with technology companies and creatives means help and inspiration is never far away.

Campus Reception:
The main reception area of The Digital Hub is located in the Digital Depot building, one of several buildings that make up The Digital Hub campus.

A space to grow in the heart of Dublin City

The Digital Hub campus is situated off Thomas Street in the heart of the Liberties area of Dublin 8, with easy access to all of Dublin’s main modes of public transport. Our state-of-the-art campus offers office space, workspaces and meeting rooms and a wide range of facilities, including a nursing room, that are ideally located in the heart of Dublin City.

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Campus Buildings

Our unique buildings are restored and carefully refurbished, bright and contemporary, and designed to encourage a collaborative digital community. Choose The Digital Hub and you could find yourself in a historic 18th century townhouse or a 19th century industrial building.

Learn about some of our campus buildings:

Digital Depot

1950s former Guinness printworks housing the Hub reception and flexible office space

A sign on the exterior of a brick building displays the Digital Depot logo and the word "Reception" with a large arrow pointing to the entrance
A bright, sunny courtyard with trees in front of the brick Digital depot building
A tree stands in front of the curved wall of the Digital Depot exterior
Lines of glass windows against the brick of the Digital Depot building exterior
Modern chairs and tables are arranged along the glass-walled Digital Depot lounge
Detail of geometric cube seating in shades of orange, blue and grey
Geometric wall art creates a vibrant space in the Digital Depot lounge
Orange chairs surround circular tables in the glass-walled Digital Depot lounge
Multiple types of seating are available in the Digital Depot Lounge
A curved glass wall with a decal reading "depot lounge" frames a bright seating area
A man in blurred motion walks through the modern interior of the Digital Depot
A woman in blurred motion walks through the bright walkways of the Digital depot
Glass and brushed steel walls enclose a bright breakout meeting space with a table and chairs
A large, bright presentation room with a long table surrounded by chairs
Black padded chairs surround a circular table in a Digital Depot meeting room

Digital Depot is one of several buildings that make up The Digital Hub campus. The building is a ‘plug-and-play’ space for digital enterprises. Four bays contain flexible office units of varying sizes which are designed for scaling digital companies. This allows your growing company to start off small and expand, as necessary. This flexibility ensures that you only pay for the space you occupy at any time.

This building also includes private offices, meeting rooms and breakout spaces created specifically to meet the demands of the digital industry.

This building also houses the main reception area for The Digital Hub campus, the Learning Studio and Bay 1

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Digital Depot, Roe Lane (off Thomas Street) The Digital Hub, Dublin 8, D08 TCV4, Ireland
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Campus Building Features

  • Accessible building with ramp access
  • Accessible toilet & shower on the ground floor
  • Fast internet connections and secure WiFi
  • Presentation Room — with 75’ LED TV, ClickShare & lectern
  • Meeting room
  • Depot Lounge — a shared space for lunchbreaks and informal chats
  • Breakout spaces — four shared spaces for ad-hoc meetings
  • Shared kitchen
  • Home to The Digital Hub's Learning Studio & Bay 1
  • Secure covered bike hanger and member/visitor car parking available on application
  • 24/7 CCTV monitored security system with electronic access control

Did you know?

The Digital Depot building is a multiple-bay former printing works, and was built in 1955 by the Guinness Brewery on a site purchased from the Roe Distillery. The Printing Works was responsible for all printing needs of the brewery, from internal booklets and stationary to the hundreds of thousands of bottle labels produced every year.

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The Grainstore

Victorian building renovated into contemporary office space

A shot of the stone Grainstore building with foliage in the foreground
Exterior of a stone building showing a large glass window and vertical signage reading "The Grainstore Building"
Colourful chairs in the Grainstore lobby
A close-up of the cogs and wheels of old machinery from the building's industrial past
Bright lighting cubes in shades of yellow, red, green and blue hang from the ceiling of the Grainstore lobby
A detail of the Gainstore Atrium wall, which displays a series of white recessed circles, some filled with bright colours
A shot looking up at the expansive Grainstore atrium skylights which flood the building with light
Modern, block-like seating in the Grainstore atrium area
The bright space is decorated with geometric designs and features glass and industrial details
A detail of light bulbs hanging from cords of multiple colours in the Grainstore building
A view from the top of the grainstore looking down into the bright atrium
The second floor hallway opens onto a view of the bright atrium below
A long conference table surrounded by orange chairs in the Marshalsea Room
A bright and light office space with desks and green geometric murals on the white walls
The expansive, open-plan office space of the Grainstore building
A detail of a rusted piece of machinery displaying the building's historical past

Located at the rear of Digital Depot, The Grainstore is a restored 19th century building, carefully refurbished in 2015 into seven private offices in which the original Victorian architectural features such as concrete jack arches, steel beams and columns have been retained. The Grainstore’s bright and spacious office units are now home to technology, and digital media companies. The building also has an impressive meeting room called the Marshalsea Room, which is regularly used by companies across all nine buildings at The Digital Hub campus.

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The Grainstore, Roe Lane (off Thomas Street) The Digital Hub, Dublin 8, D08 KC81, Ireland
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Campus Building Features

  • 24/7 access control
  • Wheelchair accessible building
  • Fast internet connections and secure WiFi
  • Meeting room — Marshalsea Room with 75’ LED TV, ClickShare & podium
  • Lobby area which functions as shared collaborative space
  • Kitchenette in six of seven offices and shared kitchen on ground floor
  • Accessible toilet & shower
  • Secure & covered bike hanger
  • Member/visitor car parking available upon application
  • 24/7 CCTV monitored security system

Did you know?

The Grainstore was once used by Roe’s Distillery to store grain for whiskey production. During the 1880s, the George Roe Distillery had the highest output of any distillery in the world at the time. This solid limestone building, with earlier ties to the Four Courts Marshalsea, a debtor’s prison, is located between wall remains of the Four Courts Marshalsea and what is now the Digital Depot building. Turner Steelworks, who were responsible for the National Botanic Gardens, manufactured the steel beams used in the construction of this Victorian architectural building.

See Our History

The Gatelodge

Built in 1955 this building once formed part of a printing works for the Guinness Brewery

The exterior of iD8 Studio is red brick.
The red brick exterior of the Gate Lodge with ornate wooden eaves
Office on the first floor of The Gatelodge with a table and chair in front of the window
Office on the first floor of The Gatelodge with tables and chairs around the room
Interior stairs at the Gatelodge at The Digital Hub.
iD8 Studio can be set up theatre-style with chairs laid out in rows.
iD8 Studio has colourful bean bags that can be arranged in the corner for coffee break.
A workspace at The Digital Hub called iD8 Studio. The room is set up like a classroom with tables and chairs and brightly coloured bean bags in the corner.
The tables in iD8 studio are arranged in a way that is suitable for group work.
iD8 Studio has a bright, modern interior office.

Renovated in 2014, The Gatelodge comprises of  three offices on the first floor, which share a kitchenette and restroom facilities and the entire ground floor is occupied by iD8 Studio – a fully equipped, self-contained space that is used for meetings, brainstorm sessions, demos and project work.

The Gatelodge, Roe Lane (off Thomas Street), The Digital Hub, Dublin 8, D08 EY05, Ireland
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Campus Building Features

  • 24-hour access, seven days a week
  • Fast internet connections and secure WiFi
  • Meeting rooms & breakout spaces at Digital Depot
  • iD8 Studio - a fully equipped, self-contained workspace
  • Shared Kitchenette
  • Secure bike hanger
  • Member/visitor car parking available upon request
  • Shower available at nearby Digital Depot building,

Did you know?

The Gatelodge building retains its original 1950s terrazzo floor and staircase.

See Our History


Three floors of office space in a former Guinness Brewery building

The exterior frontage of the building with a sign displaying 'onefiveseven' in raised black letters
The rear of the OneFiveSeven building showing a brick exterior and staircase
An interior meeting room in the OneFiveSeven building featuring an oval meeting table and modern circular decals on the walls
Modern desks are lit by horizontal windows in a OneFiveSeven office space
A glass-walled interior office area in the OneFiveSeven building
Chairs surround a circular table in an intimate meeting room in the OneFiveSeven building
A large, open-plan office space in the OneFiveSeven building
The 'Foosball' table for lunchtime recreation in the OneFiveSeven basement
A close-up of the 'Foosball' table in the OneFiveSeven basement area

OneFiveSeven, is former Guinness Brewery building, which served as office space for Guinness employees. Now office space for The Digital Hub, the basement is currently in use as a games room, a shared kitchenette and nursing room. There is an additional smaller shared kitchenette on the second floor. Offices in this building vary in size and teams can be accommodated in offices in one floor or across floors.

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OneFiveSeven, 157 Thomas Street, The Digital Hub, Dublin 8, D08 TY19, Ireland
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Campus Building Features

  • 24-hour access, seven days a week
  • Fast internet connections and secure WiFi
  • Meeting Room
  • Kitchenette – basement & second floor
  • Games room with seating area for lunch or informal meetings
  • Toilets & shower
  • Secure bike hanger
  • Member/visitor car parking available upon request
  • Nursing Room - basement

Did you know?

A sign remains just inside the front door of this building that shows it was once the offices of the 'Guinness Workers Employment Fund Ltd'.

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10-13 Thomas Street

Former distillery and tea and wine wholesalers built between 1894 and 1900

A full view of the historical 10-13 Thomas Street building showing arched windows and red brick frontage
Semi-circular steps lead to the ornate wooden doors of 10-13 Thomas Street
A wide wooden stairway at 10-13 Thomas Street
Light spills through a large ornate window above the staircase at 10-13 Thomas Street
A close up of orange bricks and the intercom at 10-13 Thomas Street
A rear view of the historical 10-13 Thomas Street brick building
Desks and chairs arranged around a screen in Studio 2 at The Digital Hub.
Desks arranged around a screen in Studio 2 at the Digital Hub

This distinctive three-story building with brickwork and granite stone detailing, was one of the first buildings to be renovated and open as office space. This building is also home to Studio 2 – a spacious ground floor room that is suitable for a variety of uses from meetings and teamwork to demos and rehearsal space.

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10-13 Thomas Street, The Digital Hub, Dublin 8, D08 PX8H, Ireland
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Campus Building Features

  • 24-hour access, seven days a week
  • Fast internet connections and secure WiFi
  • Meeting Rooms – ground-floor boardroom & second-floor meeting room
  • Studio 2 - a bookable flexible space for creative work
  • Kitchenette
  • Toilet & shower
  • Secure bike hanger at nearby building
  • Member/visitor car parking available upon request at nearby building

Did You Know?

The architectural partnership of Millar and Symes designed this building.

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Townhouse Twenty2

Provided refuge for a 1798 rebel, a home to a feather merchant and his family & served as a public library for 99 years

A full view of the former library showing the Victorian architectural detail
The front exterior of this former-library showing Victorian details and the raised words "Corporation Public Library" above the door
The upper portion of the Townhouse Twenty2 exterior showing orange chimney stacks against a blue sky
The white rendered exterior of Townhouse Twenty2 with its distinctive curve and large windows
An expansive upstairs meeting room in Townhouse Twenty2 featuring a large table surrounded by modern chairs
Chairs arranged around a circular table in a bright office space in Townhouse Twenty2

In 2012, Townhouse Twenty2 was completely modernised to provide modern and flexible space. Period features, both internally and externally have been retained, such as the original window-glass, fine stucco detailing around all windows and distinctive carriage arch and doorway.

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Townhouse Twenty2, 22-23 Thomas Street, The Digital Hub, Dublin 8, D08 WV88, Ireland
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Campus Building Features

  • 24-hour access, seven days a week
  • Wheelchair accessible building
  • Fast internet connections and secure WiFi
  • Kitchenette
  • Member/visitor car parking available upon request
  • Toilet & shower available at nearby 10-13 Thomas Street.

Did you know?

This building opened as a public library in 1884 to serve the south side of the city. A feature of its reading room was an open fire and 99 years later, to the day, it closed its doors.

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Digital Court

Originally built as part of the Guinness complex of buildings, this building was renovated by The Digital Hub in 2010

A wider shot of the Digital Court buildings
New meets old in the Digital Court, where a sleek modern extension is joined to the old industrial brick building
People stand in the courtyard of the Digital Court building
A raised planter stands in the middle of a courtyard surrounded by the brick buildings of the Digital Court
The sunny balcony of the Digital Court building overlooks the courtyard below
Modern raised garden beds filled with shrubs and a tree stand outside the entrance to the Digital Court building
The sleek metal, glass and wood staircase in the lobby of the Digital Court
A woman wearing headphones works at a computer in an office space in the Digital Court building
A detail of the orange brick wall of Digital Court interior displaying signs of its industrial past

Digital Court is located at the rear of The Digital Hub’s Digital Exchange building, and just off Rainsford Street. It was renovated and opened in its current state, in 2010.

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Digital Court, Rainsford Street, The Digital Hub, Dublin 8, D08 R2YP, Ireland
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Campus Building Features

  • 24/7 access control
  • Wheelchair accessible building
  • Lift access
  • Fast internet connections and secure WiFi
  • Bike Rack or Secure covered bike hanger at Digital Depot
  • Kitchenette
  • Member/visitor car parking on application
  • 24/7 CCTV monitored security system
  • Toilet & shower in Digital Court B on the first floor.

Did you know?

Digital Court also once housed the pharmaceutical company Phillips-Duphar.

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Saint Patrick's Tower

This iconic landmark is the remnant of a windmill which was constructed in 1757, and rebuilt in 1805

St Patrick's Tower from a low angle with a pear tree in the foreground
Close up of pear tree blossom
St Patrick's Tower exterior with pear blossom
St Patrick's Tower against the sky
St Patrick's Tower from a low angle against a blue sky
St Patrick's Tower lit up for Culture Night

The Digital Hub campus is in one of the oldest parts of Dublin city. Its buildings are full of history and some are protected structures, such as St. Patrick’s Tower. This is the remnant of a windmill which was constructed in 1757. The 150-foot tower once had sails and was used for milling grain for George Roe Whiskey. As technology evolved, and with the conversion of the distillery to steam, the Windmill fell into disuse by about 1860. The windmill stands as an iconic reminder of the industrial heritage of this part of Dublin city.

The Pear Tree

Standing next to St. Patrick’s Tower is, what is claimed to be, Ireland’s oldest fruit bearing tree — a pear tree of the Pyrus Communis variety, estimated to be aged in the range of 150 to 200 years old according to a 2009 survey by the Tree Council of Ireland. A tree, which it could be said is this pear tree is visible in a sketch of the then Roe’s Distillery circa. 1892, which lends some credence to its status as one of Ireland’s oldest fruit bearing trees.

Watch a Building Video: St. Patrick’s Tower

Campus Building Features

  • Protected historic structure
  • Built in 1757 and rebuilt in 1805 with the latter date evident on a stone plaque
  • 150-feet in height
  • A copper cupola with a figure of Saint Patrick was added to the tower in the late nineteenth century by Guinness
  • A pear tree (Pyrus Communis) estimated to 150 to 200 years old stands next to this tower

Did you know?

This structure was once the largest smock windmill in Europe. In the late 1880s the George Roe Whiskey Distillery was thought to be the largest distillery in the world with the highest output in Britain and Ireland.

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Campus Facilities & Amenities

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Office Space

Shared or private office space with state-of-the-art facilities — in bright and carefully restored unique buildings.

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Flexible spaces ideal for your workshops, team training events, product demos or investor pitches.

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Meeting Rooms

Brainstorm ideas or meet your team/clients in our comfortable meeting rooms.

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Breakout Spaces

Use our breakout spaces & common areas to step away from your desk or chat with colleagues.

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High-Speed WiFi

Stay connected with fast internet connectivity and secure WiFi across campus — with on-site IT support.

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On-Site Kitchens

Make a healthy lunch in our shared community kitchens, or a morning coffee in our private office kitchenettes.

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Nursing Room

Clean, comfortable and private facility for use by all members and visitors as required.

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Wheelchair Accessible

Many of our campus buildings are wheelchair accessible, with fully accessible toilet and shower facilities.

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Bike Hangar

Secure covered outdoor bicycle and motorbike hanger with electronic keycard access control.

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Car Parking

On-campus member and visitor car parking upon request. Subject to availability and display of a valid parking permit to avoid clamping.

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24/7 Security

On-site security and 24/7 CCTV monitored building security, with 24/7 member access via electronic keycard.

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Campus Team

Our client services and facilities teams ensure you have everything you need to focus on doing your best work.

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City Centre Location

A campus designed to encourage a digital and collaborative community — ideally located in the heart of Dublin City.

Campus Spaces

“The Digital Hub is a flexible working space, close to the city centre and in the heart of Dublin's oldest neighbourhood. Lonely Planet has benefitted from a range of digital technologies and support from the team at the hub who are highly responsive to all of our requests. It is a friendly, safe environment that all our staff appreciate.”

Fionnuala McCarthy, Editorial Director, Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet Logo
“The Digital Hub has allowed us to scale up easily, due to the flexible lease agreements, larger office spaces, excellent facilities and of course the central location. All of this helps us attract the right digital professionals, as the key to any successful business is the people.”

Mark Murphy, Director, Juvo

Juvo Logo
“What impresses most is the support from The Digital Hub team and their willingness to go the extra mile — they ensured access to space, helped with fundraising, PR and marketing support and even facilitated a product launch onsite.”

Conor McGinn, CEO & Co-Founder, Akara Robotics

Akara Robotics Logo
“I've been in The Digital Hub since 2008, starting with a hot desk and moving through a range of shared and private offices as our company has grown. These options are ideal for a company with changing needs, which is incredibly important in dealing with uncertain times.”

Kerrill Thornhill, CEO, MEG Support Tools

MEG Support Tools Logo
“The Digital Hub has been a key ingredient to our success in the EMEA Region. The environment facilitates networking and innovation, and there is a sense of togetherness through shared activities such as meetups and socials.”

Colm Greene, General Manager, Noggin EMEA (Alumnus)

Noggin Logo
“The Digital Hub is a great place for digital businesses looking for a city centre location. I have been here for over 10 years and have made many great friends and connections. I would have no hesitation in recommending The Digital Hub as a great location for startups and established businesses.”

Paul Doherty, CEO, Total Digital

Total Digital Logo
“It is so convenient — a digital ecosystem in the heart of the Liberties with great transport connections and onsite parking. Wheelchair accessibility and high-speed internet were crucial for us.”

Noelle Daly, Co-Founder, Mobility Mojo, (Alumnus)

Mobility Mojo Logo
“The Digital Hub is more than just a place of work. It is a culturally connected location with lots of likeminded entrepreneurs that share a mutual interest in innovation and people. With lots of great add-ons like meeting rooms and staff that only ever want to help.... it’s a breath of fresh air.”

Donal Shiels, Director, Verdant Productions

Verdant Productions Logo
“The Digital Hub provides a central location with great supports and facilities for your business. There are many networking events which help businesses within the Hub to share skills and advice, and even work together.”

Karen English, Festival Administrator, Dublin International Film Festival

Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival Logo

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