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The Digital Hub is home to companies and organisations at the forefront of technology and digital media in Ireland.

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Our members are skilled technologists and creatives, working with Irish and global companies of all sizes and with different technologies, services and markets. Innovative, creative and culturally diverse people are the cornerstone of The Digital Hub.

A unique feature of The Digital Hub is our support of businesses working in key sectors that contribute to the resilience and sustainability of the Irish economy.

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dotNice International

dotNice International Learn More
Digital Hub Development Agency

Digital Hub Development Agency Learn More
Odin Consultants

Odin Consultants Learn More
Akara Robotics

Akara Robotics Learn More
Braahmam International

Braahmam International Learn More
Good Travel Software

Good Travel Software Learn More
South West Inner City Local Employment Centre

South West Inner City Local Employment Centre Learn More
Incognito Software Systems

Incognito Software Systems Learn More
Black Shamrock – A Virtuos Studio

Black Shamrock – A Virtuos Studio Learn More