Future Creator Cadets workshops with local school

On Tuesday, 8th of February schools all over Ireland took part in activities to learn more about Internet Safety. As part of this The Digital Hub’s Future Creators Cadets programme ran online coding workshops for 3rd-6th year classes in St Catherine’s School National School.

These were coding workshops where the kids learned how to create a quiz using coding concepts such as conditionals, loops, adding a score and text to speech.  They used Scratch to create the quiz, choosing their own backgrounds, robot characters, dialogue, and special effect sounds. The result was an Internet Security quiz unique to each creator and four classes now understand basic coding concepts as well as important internet safety facts.

You can try it out here: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/640754695/editor/

About Future Creator Cadets

Future Creators Cadets is an after-school digital learning programme for young people aged 10-to-12 years old from Dublin 8. It was established by The Digital Hub in 2015 and is delivered by H2 Learning.

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