#D8 Together Video Challenge

Picture of a Camera at one of Screen8 film recordings.

The #D8 Together Video Challenge is a programme for local secondary school students from CB Media and The Digital Hub delivered over 11 one-hour sessions in an in-school or after-school setting.

— Expert training in creating videos from a professional video producer
— Using creativity & storytelling to discuss mental health, wellbeing, strength & resilience
— Participants reported a 75% increase in their overall confidence on completion of the programme
Using creativity and storytelling to enable young people to discuss mental health and wellbeing challenges, while supporting one another, sharing experiences and having fun in a safe space.”

The first edition of the programme ran from December 2021 to March 2022 with 26 students from Dublin 8 and its surroundings participating. Each student was awarded a certificate of completion to recognise their accomplishment and document the skills they acquired, which will be useful for their future careers.

The impact of the programme on the participants video production skills, mental health and resilience was evaluated. Students responded to a survey and reported a 75% increase in their overall confidence.

  • 71% of students reported they learned why sharing their story is important.
  • 85% of students reported the programme increased their level of self-confidence.
  • 80% of students reported they learned more about themselves and why they are strong.
  • 73% of students reported they learned about other students’ mental health issues and sharing stories of being strong in difficult situations supports everyone to tell their own stories.
  • 80% of students reported an increased knowledge of video production, filming, and editing.
  • 73% of students reported they are able to use what they learned during the programme in their daily lives.

How it works

Students are given instruction and a task to be completed during each one-hour session, and are supported by a professional video producer and facilitator.

  • The programme is open to secondary school students aged from 14- to 16-years-old in Dublin 8.
  • For the in-school video challenge 15 students are recruited by participating schools.
  • For the after-school video challenge students apply directly to CB Media when the call for applications is announced a group of 15 are selected to participate.
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