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The Radicle Lab brought local communities, artists and researchers together to connect, celebrate and develop ecologically sustainable projects in the surrounding Dublin 8 area. This Creative Laboratory was curated by Seoidín O’Sullivan, Artist-in-Resident at The Digital Hub (2021).

....The Radicle Lab is timely, as it not only focuses on the work of previous urban ecological projects around Dublin, but also on what we can do as a community to imagine and create just ecological futures in the area....”
— Seoidín O’Sullivan, Artist-in-Resident at The Digital Hub (2021).

In June 2022, the Radicle Lab invited local communities, artists and academic researchers into a shared, open space where sustainable ideas could evolve and grow to create an impact on the Dublin 8 area.

The Lab hosted community ecology projects from the local community through a series of lunchtime walks and talks, including visits to the Oliver Bond Community Garden with Ezak Abderrezak Meddar, a tour of the NCAD Field project with NCAD lecturer Gareth Kennedy, and a walk and talk session along the Camac River and Turvey Park.

Additionally, daily workshops were held including; the ‘Propagating Urban Futures’ workshop with award-winning gardener Joan Mallon, the ‘Social Justice Greening toolkit’ workshop, delivered by BCNUEJ (Barcelona Lab for Urban Environmental Justice and Sustainability) and ‘It’s always about the Land’, a discussion with Pallas Studios on high studio rents for artists. These intertwined the topics of socio-ecologies, contemporary critical ecological art practices and the rights of nature.

During her Artist-in-Residency programme, Seoidín O’Sullivan took part in multiple research projects including a continuation of Mapping Green Dublin with Common Ground and UCD Geography, Urban Grit with the Robert Emmet Community Development Project and geographer Alma Clavin and the Emotional mapping of the Camac River alongside geographer Ronan Foley.

The Radicle LAB project offered an insight into these research developments and provides a space for open discussions on future ecologically creative sustainable projects among the local community.

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